The 2018 International Seminar on Frontiers of Data Science Successfully Held

The 2018 International Seminar on Frontiers of Data Science, co-organized by SWUFE and Technische Universität Dresden (hereinafter referred to as ”TUD”), was held in Liulin campus on September 23-24, 2018.The theme of the Seminar was "the most cutting-edge practical applications of Data Science in the fields of Economy, Finance, Transportation and Environment". Eight experts and scholars from TUD, as well as some representatives of faculty and students from School of Business Administration, Research Institute of Economics and Management, and School of Statistics attended the Seminar. The opening ceremony of the Seminar was presided over by Deputy Dean LU Wanbo. Professor GUO Jianjun, Dean of School of Statistics in SWUFE, and Professor Ostap Okhrin, Chair of Statistics and Econometrics esp. Transportation from School of Transportation in TUD, made opening speeches respectively.

During the Seminar, experts and scholars from two universities shared the latest results of the research based on the theme of the Seminar, and made 16 academic reports. The contents of the research included using flexible HAR model for realized volatility; exploring travel modes and forecasting future car demand in five European cities; analyzing international trade, geographic heterogeneity and interregional inequality; studying the impact of unexpected and recurring flooding events on house prices; and exploring if air pollution affects stock returns etc. Representatives of the Seminar had a heated discussion on each academic report, with a strong academic atmosphere.

According to the Seminar, the collision of ideas among experts and scholars from two universities has played a positive role in promoting disciplinary construction and scientific research among faculty and students in SWUFE. In particular, it helped students strengthen the understanding of research fields at home and abroad as well as theoretical methods. Meanwhile, the Seminar improved the ability of making academic reports for PhD students in SWUFE, and helped broaden their international horizons.

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