About School of Statistics

(1) Established in 1952, School of Statistics of SWUFE first began to enroll undergraduate students of statistics among the Chinese universities of finance and economics. Also, School of Statistics founded the earliest doctor stations and postdoctoral research centers of Statistics and Quantitative Statistics in western China. “Statistics” has been awarded as “National Key Discipline” and “National Specialty Major”, “Management Science and Engineering” and “Quantitative Economics” has been awarded as “Provincial Key Discipline”. School of Statistics offers 4 majors for undergraduates: Economic Statistics, Statistics, Management Science, Data Science and Big Data Technology; and there are 4 majors available for master and PhD students: Statistics, Quantitative Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Economic Big Data Analysis. School of Statistics has become an important base for scientific research of statistics, quantitative economics, management science and engineering personnel training in China.

(2) Faculty

School of Statistics has 58 faculty members, including 19 professors, 31 associate professors and 8 lecturers. 29% of them have graduated from overseas top Universities such as Harvard University, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore, Purdue University etc. 62% of faculties have at least one year of overseas study experience. There are also many national high-level talents such as Nationally Outstanding Teacher, New Century Excellent Talents, winner of National Science Foundation for Outstanding Youth, Excellent Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Sichuan Province, Top Ten Young Teachers in Sichuan Province etc. In addition, the School has invited more than 10 famous scholars from top universities such as London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Michigan, Waterloo University etc. visiting School of Statistics and give lectures or short courses as guest professors.

(3) Talents Training

School of Statistics is committed to cultivating high-quality inter-disciplinary talents with excellent mathematical foundation and theoretical foundation of economic management, strong social adaptability, and has the ability to learn independently, to analyze and solve practical problems. The School has established international cooperation with 11 overseas top universities, they are: University of Waterloo, Western University in Canada; University of York, University of Southampton in the U.K; Technische Universität Dresden in Germany; Rutgers University in the U.S; Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium and Tamkang University in Taiwan (China). Students in School of Statistics are able to study abroad and even obtain a master degree, and have the opportunity to get the fund from CSC (China Scholarship Council). Currently, the School has 1289 full-time students, including 821 undergraduates, 404 graduates and 64 PhD students. Students' professional quality and comprehensive abilities are highly recognized by the society. In the past five years, the average employment rate of undergraduate students is 95%, the proportion of students pursuing postgraduate studies at home or abroad is more than 50%, and the employment rate of graduate students is 100%.

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