Center of Statistical Research

Center of Statistical Research

Director: LIN Huazhen

General Introduction:

Center of Statistical Research is a scientific innovation demonstration platform established by SWUFE as a national key discipline of statistics, it has master's degree, doctoral degree programs and postdoctoral research station in statistics. The Center has introduced 21 young doctors or postdocs from famous universities at home and abroad, such as Washington University, Princeton University, University of Michigan, Imperial College London, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Members of the Center have published or accepted more than 170 high-level academic papers to be published since 2013, among which 29 have been published in the top five international journals such as statistics and econometrics. Members of the Center have undertaken over 50 scientific research projects, 25 of which are supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In daily academic activities, 12 academic conferences were successfully held, including IMS-CHINA2013, the 11th Annual National Probabilistic Statistics Conference, international Non-parametric Statistics Forum, etc., with more than 1,300 participants. The Center has invited more than 210 person-times of famous professors from home and abroad to visit and conduct cooperative research. Researchers of the Center have visited the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong(China), Taiwan(China) and other countries or regions; Also, The Center regularly invites famous scholars from home and abroad to offer short courses every year, and now 13 cutting-edge courses are provided to all SWUFE teachers and students. In terms of interdisciplinary and social services, the Center actively conducts cooperative research on big data with other disciplines and fields, and has established substantive cooperation with medical science, electric power, finance, internet, education, society and other fields.

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