Talent Training

School of Statistics adheres to the objective of "cultivating people and strengthening scientific research". Talent training focuses on mode innovation, and gradually explore to form the "one goal, two foundations, three abilities" talent training mode, namely, the goal of talent training is to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with strong professional ability and practical innovation ability, focus on the basis of quantitative analysis, financial economy and management theory, and cultivate students' ability to acquire knowledge independently, analyze and solve problems, and engage in social practice, strengthen students' adaptability to the society.

In recent years, centering on the theme of "quality first, connotation development", School of Statistics has deeply changed the curriculum teaching paradigm and continuously promoted the in-depth development of education and teaching reform.  School of Statistics has been awarded the National Key Discipline in Statistics, and also won the First Prize and the Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award for Higher Education; Two National Quality Courses: Econometrics, Statistics, have been completed; “Statistics” has been approved as a National Characteristic Specialty construction point; The teaching team of Quantitative Economics was rated as the National Teaching Team. Two National Quality Resource-Sharing Courses:  Econometrics, Statistics, have been established. Three National Planning textbooks: Econometrics, Introduction to Statistics, Applied Time Series Analysis, have been published.

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